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NOTHING is such a company that we did not even know about it till some time ago. Because this company did not exist at all. And so soon, within a short time of its interception, it has brought two of its products in the market, NOTHING EAR 1 and NOTHING PHONE 1. Otherwise, it is so difficult and challenging for any brand to bring a new product in the market. And looking at what NOTHING has done today, we can say that if the spirit is high, then a person can do anything.

It becomes very easy to say that from a time if you will see in what way the phone is made or what is not made or how the companies should work. But if you think that if you have to make something like this from scratch, then what is the journey behind it, I will tell you what CARL PEI did here.

Carl Pei was the co-founder of Oneplus. Since the launch of OnePlus, it has been seen from the starting that OnePlus came with a different approach, The approach was “The Flagship Killer”. This approach of OnePlus was initially that they will make a phone that will have top notch specs, but the price will be low. And with this approach, Oneplus went on. After bringing the OnePlus Nord series, Carl’s quits from OnePlus.


Who is the Founder of Nothing

And now begins a new company named NOTHING. And then Carl's announced NOTHING PHONE 1 on 23 March. Carl Pei is the Founder of NOTHING. NOTHING has a different spirit in its name. Carl says that the mobile phone industry has become very boring. So there has to be something new. And they do not want them to do anything keeping one frame in mind. He wanted Zero to start from scratch. Hence the name NOTHING.


First Product of NOTHING

The first product of NOTHING is NOTHING EAR 1. So far, more than 5 lac units of NOTHING EAR 1 have been sold. And that in itself is a very big deal.


NOTHING's Design and Technology competete Apple

On the other hand, we will see that Google and many big ventures have invested in NOTHING. Another new thing to be seen in NOTHING is that NOTHING has taken the help of Teenage Engineering in the design, whose design is completely to the core. NOTHING's first product was NOTHING EAR 1, which was also the first earphone to come with a very transparent design which was absolutely unique. Seeing his success, it is known that NOTHING is not going to stop now. NOTHING wants them to move forward with a new approach and somewhere they were competing with Apple. We have seen that the kind of rich and premium experience that Apple provides is missing somewhere in Android. And perhaps with this approach Carl went ahead and competed. And then finally on 23rd March, Carl announced that they are working on a phone which is called NOTHING PHONE 1.

Launch of NOTHING PHONE 1  and Price of NOTHING PHONE 1

NOTHING PHONE 1 is now launched on 12th July in Global Markets. If you look at this phone, you will see what the core values of NOTHING are. Is this the ultimate flagship phone? not at all. Is this one of the cheapest affordable budget phone? not at all. Is this the best camera phone? not at all. Is the display of this phone the best? not at all. But is this phone a well-balanced premier experience smartphone? Definitively yes.

NOTHING PHONE 1 comes in three variants – 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB and 12GB+256GB and their price is RS 32,999 INR, RS 35,999 INR and RS 38,999 INR. In this price, the specs and which is complete with a design entity has come NOTHING PHONE 1. That is remarkable in itself. Considering that this is the first product of this company. Here is this experience we have seen in big brands that they do a lot of blenders many times. In this way, let's see what they are getting for the customer, same phones, same design, same specs, just a little bit of color change gets to see new phones.

Deeply Researched ultimate Design

It should be the first phone of any company and so much thought has been given on the design that they made it with transparent element. And a new lighting design has been given at the back. It is a complete premium experience phone with the aluminium frame and the screen is quite good. The software that is there is clean Android. No Ads, no float ware. You are going to get updates in this for a long time. There is new philosophy has also been kept about the camera, where there is no race for triple or quad. NOTHING has placed a fully functional dual camera setup here. All this shows that NOTHING is on the right track.

Our True Opinion about Nothing Phone 1

In our opinion, the NOTHING PHONE 1 would be a good start considering the price range because of such a premium design, premium build and if you look at the processor, the Snapdragon 778G+ is a good chipset. Also you look at clean stock Android guaranteed updates. NOTHING is not earning money from any ads. Looking at all these things. we would say that it's a good start.


Talk about NOTHING PHONE 1 Definitively NOTHING PHONE 2, NOTHING PHONE 3, NOTHING PHONE 4 are coming in the coming time. For the time being I would say that this is not a perfect phone because nothing is perfect maybe flows inside it too. For example, I would say that the IP rating should have been 67 or 68, in which the IP rating is 53. But still for a fresh start I would prefer it to NOTHING to develop something like this something like different one.

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